The Riders

The Riders

Postby FlashFookersSqueeze » Sat Nov 02, 2013 9:20 am

We have almost no information on this one yet, other than the filming locations of Dublin,Croatia and Yugoslavia plus a release date of 2014 in Australia.

Costarring Timothy Spall as Max, The Riders is about a man named Fred Scully, whose wife, Jennifer, mysteriously disappears. Can we assume that Mark is playing Fred?

No director or even writers are listed on imdb, but after a Google search, I discovered that the probable reason it's premiering in Australia is that it's based upon a book by Australian novelist Tim Winton, of the same name.

A description from Library Journal:
The destructive and redemptive powers of love are the focus of this new novel by Winton (That Eye, That Sky, 1987). Fred Scully has gone to Ireland, where he is restoring a dilapidated cottage and waiting for Jennifer, his wife, and their seven-year-old daughter, Billie, to arrive from Australia. But on the appointed day, Billie arrives without her mother, too traumatized to explain what happened during their last stop at Heathrow. Thus begins a mad search through Greece, Italy, France, and Holland, always just missing the elusive Jennifer. Though action-filled, this is primarily a study of the psychic price paid by an open-hearted man who loves deeply, if not wisely. The novel's strengths lie in its richly detailed settings and in the archetypal fury of its portrait of psychic dissolution.

This sounds very promising indeed! More as we get it.
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